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17 October 2019
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18 October 2019

In the basement of the University Library in Warsaw, renovation works are being completed, carried out by both departments of our company.
Already in October this year (2019), Warsaw students will be able to use modern sports and recreation facilities as well as a multifunctional entertainment hall.

On over 5000 m2 of space, the designed sports halls will be divided into 3 groups: gym rooms, dance and fencing rooms and universal rooms. In addition to the sports function, the designed space will include a place for meetings and rest in the Academic Bar area at the entrance hall as well as a recreation, group and individual work area.

The cinema, theater and showroom on the opposite side will serve students as a place for rehearsals, semester shows and cultural events.

Thanks to rearrangement of the University of Warsaw Library (BUW) space, Warsaw Powiśle will become a new center of not only intellectual, but also cultural and physical activity, bringing together students from all university faculties.

Robert Szlasa and Mateusz Kłyż are responsible for the implementation of the project on the part of P.S.Teatr.

Soon more information about this implementation, now we are going back to work.