About us


Systemy budynkowe TEATRPrzedsiębiorstwo Specjalistyczne TEATR Company is the oldest Polish enterprise specializing in comprehensive implementation of cultural investments. The PS TEATR was founded in 1971 by Jerzy Gumiński, and has been one of the leading companies involved in stage technology ever since.

In 2013, the Company extended its activity with the design, implementation as well as maintenance of construction systems, i.e. tele-technical installations, building automation and BMS, electrical and sanitary installations.

Within the framework of our activity we have designed and reconstructed many public as well as private sector facilities, including the stages of Polish theatres, cultural facilities and concert halls, installing, among others, tele-technical equipment, electrical and sanitary installations, stage lighting devices, stage trapdoors, stage barrels, lighting bridges, electroacoustic equipment, as well as stage driving devices.
Experienced designers perform even the most complex projects, employing the latest world achievements. A team of designers, advisors and technicians, support the users at each stage of the investment, from the design through to warranty and post-warranty service.
We provide audio-video system solutions and multimedia products, including projectors and multimedia servers. Thanks to the variety of offered devices, we can customize the relevant projector to a given space so as to optimize its capabilities in accordance with the customer's needs.

Our clients range from office buildings, hotels, industrial plants, theatres, philharmonics, community centers, TV stations to the largest rental companies in the country. The highest priority for us is our clients' satisfaction. We approach each and every project individually, offering superior solutions tailored to the users' needs.


Municipal Artistic School in Mińsk Mazowiecki

Comprehensive supply and installation of stage technology: stage lighting, stage mechanical devices, adjustable interact lighting of the auditorium with the installation.

Wroclaw Opera in Wroclaw

Supply and assembly of switchgears together with equipment and a modern power supply and control system for stage mechanics "AIDA".

Opera at the Castle in Szczecin

Comprehensive supply of technological lighting equipment for the Main Hall and Chamber Hall as well as the audience lighting control system.

European Solidarity Center

Delivery and assembly of the stage technological lighting system, stage mechanical equipment system, stage platforms and stage electric drives.

Youth Palace in Katowice

Comprehensive technological equipment of the theater stage - the system of: technological lighting of the stage, control of lighting of the auditorium and foyer, stage mechanical devices, control of mechanical devices, sound system, communications officer, cinema technology.

Służewski Community Center

Supply and assembly of lighting technology devices and elements and general stage technology in the Służewiecki Dom Kultury auditorium: mechanical stage equipment, stage lighting equipment, audience lighting control system.

Bialystok Puppet Theater

Modernization of the Bialystok Puppet Theater including equipping with a system of stage mechanical devices.

Culture Center ZAMEK in Poznań

Supply and installation of technological lighting of the stage in the halls: Sala Sala and Sala Nova, including profile reflectors, moving heads, PC reflectors and lighting control system.